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In Depth Video Instruction on EXACTLY how to start, run, and grow your  Real Estate Wholesaling Business. This is a STEP by STEP Program to SHOW You Exactly What To Do... Step by Step! This includes all three Major Areas: INCLUDES EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO START WHOLESALING CORRECTLY RIGHT AWAY! 

1. Finding and Working with Buyers that have CASH and can close deals FAST for BIG Paydays! 

2. Finding Motivated Sellers
(Including our own "Proprietary Method"
for scraping and blasing Zillow). Also, Learn How to Build an Offer Packet that Wins Deals! Plus, How to Analyze Property Deals in a way that will answer almost all of your buyer's questions!! And Contracts to Do the Deals!

3. How to Set Up and Run Your Business with as much Automation / Outsource as Possible. Find out what Virtual Assistants We Use!
Wholesaling Lease Options
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One-On-One Mentoring:
One-On-One Mentoring From Qualified Investors that are CURRENTLY ACTIVE in the field. We will walk you through your deals personally from start to finish! We are responsive to emails and messages in our Facebook "secret group"! We are there to answer ALL your questions!
You'll Have Direct Email Access to Ask Justin All Your Questions!
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Included in ALL Mentoring Options
ALL Real Estate Mentoring Programs includes:

Getting support both from your coach and your team is a critical part of your success. There are opportunities to ask questions or leave posts or comments celebrating one another's successes, and learning how to stay "current" with today's trends! Coaches and Mentors, including Justin Chamness, respond every day. You can find out just about ANYTHING you want to know about real estate investing in this "secret group"! ALSO, Youtube Live Club Meeting (weekly at Wednesdays 12noon CST) covering student questions, and personal insights designed to get you making money quickly. Some weeks feature a successful student or guest "guru".
Access to Our Facebook Community for Wholesale Deal Support and Joint Venture Opportunities:
(a $99 Value)
Included in ALL Mentoring Options
You will learn how to make a Seller Offer Packet that will BLOW AWAY the Competition!  Part of this is having an awesome Proof of Funds Letter and Statement!  Our Club Members Make Offers DAILY, because they have our Club's Proof of Funds! Never have your offer rejected again, because you couldn't show Proof of Funds! This is an ABSOLUTE MUST in our Current Real Estate Market!
Get Your Own Proof of Funds Letter for Members Only:
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Automate Your Marketing! Find Property Deals without Cold Calling!

We believe efficiency and consistency is the key to being successful in real estate. We have developed a way to contact For Sale By Owner, For Sale By Agent, and For Rent listings on a massive scale directly via text message to gauge motivation on whether or not the end seller is motivated and willing to work with us! This allows you to save costly time and energy by only focus on the low hanging fruit. Because we only focus on the low hanging fruit – we turn what used to be 1000 cold calls in to a much more manageable 60 – 90 warm/hot leads making you and your Virtual Assistant 10 to 20x more efficient. Cold calling and delegation has been the standard, but with automation, we are going to change the way you do business – forever.
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